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Project EPIC: The official Taps family database

Have you ever wondered what the most common age of a haunted home is? Have you often thought about whether geomagnetic weather really effects haunting activity? How about which type of EMF meter works the best? With Project EPIC, we hope to deliver all these results to you!

Project EPIC is an unprecedented, one of a kind database that could change ghost research as we know it. Using a mySQL database structure, CGI and other tools, our programmer has created a way for participating researchers to add to a database. The database results, statistics and image graphs, will be available online for all to use. So far, in the ghost hunting field, there is nothing quite like it.

case synopsis

Paraex is currently investigating a home in central Ohio that has proven to be one of the most active cases that we've seen in many years!

We were contacted by the resident of a small, unsuspecting apartment home west of Columbus about some rather increased activity. Doors open and shut on their own, loud walking on the upper floor with no one present, phantom voices being heard, inceased static shock and strange visual anomalies.

The case is being currently investigated by Paraex and will be ongoing throughout the 2007 season. So far, we have been able to positively authenticate and verify that a violent suicide did occur within the apartment. Paraex's findings thus far indicate that there many be a female entity within the home. Ironically, the suicide victim is female.

More details to come throughout the year!



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