A combined omega 3 and 6 oil capsule: two to four capsules daily. This is wonderful not only for the prostate but it has also been shown to decrease cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease in men.

One B-complex tablet with 50-100 mg folate daily. Folate has been found to protect against prostate cancer. Folate is also found in abundance in green leafy vegetables.

The following supplements are useful specifically for treating prostatitis.

Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens): one tablet after every meal (three times a day) until better, then one per day as a preventative measure.This herb is brilliant for treating prostatitis. If a lowered sex drive accompanies the prostate problem, include tribulus - two to three capsules daily.

Liquid zinc, 1 ml diluted in 100 ml of water. Your naturopath may recommend a higher dose. If you prefer taking tablets, take zinc sulphate, 100 mg per day. One dozen oysters contain around 120 mg of elemental zinc.

Two capsules twice daily of omega 3 and 6 oils.

One tablet after each meal or a teaspoon twice a day in water of vitamin C and bioflavonoids (500 mg of each). This acts a; an anti-oxidant, particularly where there is inflammation or an infection.

One tablet of Panax ginseng twice daily or 3 ml of the liquid tincture daily is recommended. This herb helps the body to deal with stress, both physical and mental. In Chinese medicine ginseng has long-term beneficial effects on the sexual organs.

A herbal tonic made from equal parts of: nettle, crateva, willow bark, cornsilk and Siberian ginseng (include ginseng only if not taking Panax ginseng tablets above). Take one teaspoon twice a day until the condition improves. This tonic, which assists the flow of urine, should be taken in conjunction with all the supplements in this section, particularly saw palmetto.

If you have prostate cancer, you can see a naturopath about complementary therapies to run alongside your essential medical program. This can be discussed with your doctor.


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