Infantilism may consist of a physiological defect in the functioning of the ovaries of a woman and a consequent lack of development of the reproductive organs. The defect may be responsible for a total indifference to sexual interests, or, in less extreme cases, for the inability to attain orgasm in the sexual act. On the other hand, there may be no physical defect, but infantilism may be entirely due to improper training or lack of training in matters of sex. Infantilism due to physical defects can sometimes be overcome to some extent by means of ovarian and other extracts, administered by a capable physician. Infantilism of a purely mental type should yield even more readily to proper treatment, although sexual inhibitions formed early in life are often difficult to overcome. Sexual infantilism should not be confused with another form of infantilism, which consists in never outgrowing childish attitudes toward the world, and is found in both men and women, though chiefly in women because of the protected position they occupy in modern society.


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