In the ordinary body cell 23 pairs of chromosomes are there. Each chromosome contains large number of genes. Genes are responsible for passing on one element of heredity.

Woman has 23 matched pairs but in male one pair does not match i.e. instead of having two identical large chromosomes called the X-chromosome he has one 'X' and one T chromosome. In a woman's ovaries, eggs are produced by splitting normal cells in two so each of the egg 'half cells' contains X chromosome But in case of man splitted cell either contain X or Y chromosome. If 'X' chromosome of male fertilizes with the 'X' chromosome of female the child is a 'girl' but if 'Y' chromosome of male fertilizes with the 'X' chromosome of female the child is a 'boy'.

Do boys get orgasm at the age of 8 to 10 years?

In boys the first orgasms are dry i.e. no seminal fluid, no sperms. Later on after the age of 12-13 years fluid appears, followed by sperm in increasing numbers.

Do girls have orgasm at a very early age?

Girls begin to feel genital tension at the age of 9 to 12. Erection of the clitoris and engorgement of labia minora force her attention to her sexual organs. Menstruation also is a land mark to make her more conscious of sexual matters. Their masturbation is not direct either. They feel pleasure in rubbing against; while climbing trees or sliding down of railing of stair cases are effective means of stimulating their genitals.

Some women insist that they have never masturbated? Are they true?

In this materialistic world it does not seem to be true. In rare cases it is possible that deliberately they would not have masturbated. Some enjoy douching, others manage to have shower bath directly on their clitoris while in bath room.


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