Countless women in our country have suffered humiliation and agony on their wedding night when their husbands have doubted their purity and accused them of having had pre-marital sex. Let me recount Shanti's pathetic story in her own words. 'Doctor, my trouble started on my honeymoon night. I had carefully preserved my virginity for the man of my dreams—Ratan. I was the happiest woman on earth and suffered agonising pain as Ratan, whom nature has generously endowed, forcibly entered me. It was a shocking experience in itself, but more shocks were in store for me. He left me high and dry and to top it all accused me of not being a virgin.

The mascara from her eyes rolled on to her cheeks as she sobbed and continued, 'Something in me grew dead instantaneously. I became frigid. Though my husband apologised profusely afterwards, I have never enjoyed sex with him and have never had an orgasm in my life. I have two lovely children whom I adore. But do you think my headaches are due to this accumulated tension of not being orgasmic?

I would sincerely advise my male readers not to overrate this bit of tissue, and not to jump to wrong and unjust conclusions about a woman's chastity. Its presence does not mean that your partner is a virgin, as there are innumerable women who have had countless sexual encounters and their hymen is not ruptured as it is so elastic it is merely pushed away or dilates as the penis goes past it. On the other hand, its absence does not mean that the woman has had sex. It can rupture in innumerable ways—during an accident, or in athletic events, or during masturbation, and in girls using tampons the hymen can gradually rupture.


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