About Paraex - Case Listing

Just who the heck are we?

We are Paraex Research Foundation. Our organization is the oldest continually operating paranormal research team in central Ohio. We have been investigating claims of paranormal activity since 1997, having been on some 50+ cases during our existence.

Paraex was founded by Brent Fair in 1997, when Brent started doing private yet impromptu investigations for friends and family. The passion grew quickly and Brent did some networking throughout Ohio with like minded ghost hunters, later forming (officially) what Paraex is today. Paraex has seen dozens of volunteer members in its time, as well as clients and the curious!

How do we differ from the other gazillion organizations out there?

Since the birth of the internet, ghost hunting groups have flourished. The internet has added an unprecedented medium for communication and outreach for paranormal enthusiasts. During the mid-to-late 1990's ghost hunting groups began to officially establish their presences on the internet. Paraex's web presence was inspired by an existing web site belonging to the Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance. Ever since then, Paraex has always had a presence on the web. However, that makes us far from unique.

So what does make us different? First starts, our investigation technique is unlike many others in the world today. We all see the ghost hunting teams on television shows and how they do a lot of hands-on walking around with meters etc. We differ in this area. While we love to explore and go poking around for ghosts for that personal experience, giving a presumed haunted location the opportunity to be natural is top priority to us. That's right, most of our ghost hunting is done without actually being in the "hot spots" or the presumed "haunted" areas of a location. We monitor the areas, remotely with the latest remote ghost hunting technologies, giving our clients home or place of business time to be natural.

Speaking of natural we believe the best way to dig up evidence of a ghost presence is to allow the setting to be normal. Just as if we weren't even there. Sure we will be onsite and constantly aware of all facets of our investigations but we aren't in the middle of everything causing contamination either. If a client says that their home is haunted, we want to observe the client and their normal habits within the environment. This is a far different approach to sending a squad of 5 investigators in with instruments and adrenaline.

Paraex has investigated over 50 claims of haunting's in its time, including:

  • Private Home: Cleveland, Ohio