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Not everthing is as it seems and we're saying it because nobody else will.


Cracker Jack Parapsychologists -

Making the top of the list is the beloved "Cracker Jack Parapsychologists" of the world. Did you know that for only $19.99, you can hold a real Phd in parapsychology?

There are several internet based web sites that will gladly send you a degree for a fee. That way you can sport it around and "wow!" your unsuspecting clients.

The truth: Cracker Jack degree's like these aren't real degree's from accredited universities. They are bogus certificates that indicate that the bearer is an absolute WACK JOB.

There are only a small handful of College's in the World that offer REAL degree's in the field of Parapsychology. If someone tells you they are a Parapsychologist, ask them for their credentials.

I betcha' they don't have them with them!

The common "Orb" -

Come now newbie ghost hunters, give the rest of the world a break. That dust particle isn't really smiling at you. Enough said, it really is a redundant topic. Orbs. Schmorbs!

Sylvia Browne -

When she points her long ghastly red fingernails at audience members, I know I can expect her scratchy voice to ring out and spew utter lies.

For only $750.00, you can have Sylvia make up stuff and pretend to know you. She'll even tell you that your dead grandma's standing behind you right now and that you too will pass on someday. Whew! I'm glad I spent a weeks pay on that valuable info!

Thanks Sylvia Clowne!