What is the "Mothman"?

In the tiny country setting of 1966-1967 Point Pleasant, West Virginia, over 100 people witnessed seeing a large "bird-like" man in the area.

This creature, dubbed the "Mothman" by Athens Messenger columnist Mary Hyre, was said to have terrified local residents for a short period of around 13 months, with the sightings ending with the collapse of the Silver Bridge. Coincidence?

During this time frame, investigator and author John Alva Keel made Point Pleasant his home, in an attempt to solve the mystery of the unknown visitors to the town. By visitors, we mean that the "Mothman" had to share the international spotlight with other unsavory beings. The area residents were also plagued by unwelcome visits by Men in Black (MIB), while the once tranquil sky's of the small town were filled with odd lights and strange unknown craft.

UFOs. Strange and threatening Men in Black. A huge humanoid bird chasing cars at over 100 miles per hour. The town of Point Pleasant, WVa was a circus during this era. Did the oddities of the times truly cease when the Silver Bridge collapsed? Or were there still strange happenings?

Columbus, Ohio - February 2001. A woman by the name of Susan Wilcox was awakened one night in her bedroom to find a huge bat-like invader floating near the ceiling above her bed. During the next 22 months, Wilcox would experience events that would change her life forever, ultimately ending with her mysterious death.

Researcher Brent Fair has collected the investigative logs, notes and memories from Susan Wilcox and put them into a book he wrote called Mothman: A life changed forever (working title). The book chronicles the experiences of Wilcox, through her journey into the unknown and beyond.

Read for yourself about the eerie connections between the events of early Pt Pleasant and Wilcox's experiences. You will read about things that you thought, died in that small town years ago, coming back to life in our modern times. From the classic sighting of a winged creature to a few brushes with "Men in Black", its all in the book.



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